Checking Accounts

For individuals

Open a bank account in the United States and start saving dollars, download Tu Cuenta Dolar app by FACEBANK and apply to open an account from the palm of your hand, in minutes. Manage it digitally through our app, move your money through checks, debit cards, credit cards, electronic checks and electronic transfers. It is compatible with Pipol Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, and other similar payment platforms.


  • Transfers: Transfer funds within your own accounts as well as to other banks

  • Schedule:National and International service payments (Restrictions may apply)

  • Financial instruments: Checks, Debit Cards, E-checks, and wire transfers

  • Tailor-made customer service: We offer a personalized service for quick, direct, personalized solutions to any concerns you might have


Supporting you along the way

We now offer accounts for professional individuals and entrepreneurs. Through this account, you can receive payments for your services or sales of up to $10,000. If your monthly income is over $10,000, you may need to create a company and open an account for it.


  • The account may be opened with a primary user and an authorized user
  • You may request a debit card and secured credit card

  • You will have access to the Pipol Pay platform so you can send and receive funds

  • Same transaction fees as personal checking accounts


Immediate distribution of funds

This account is a traditional checking account with the condition that, when the account holder is deceased, funds will be distributed immediately and equally amongst the authorized beneficiaries without having to wait for a court order (Probate).

While the primary user is alive, the beneficiaries do not hold any rights to the account and cannot access it. They will not have access to any information on funds deposited in the account. The account consists only of a primary user with no authorized users.


  • No need for additional documents e.g. a Trust

  • No additional costs
  • Confidential. Does not require you to give notice to beneficiaries that the account exists

  • No additional ID requirements

  • Distribution of funds is automatic, and no court order is required

  • In case of the account holder’s death, funds are automatically and quickly disbursed amongst beneficiaries

  • The primary user can rest assured that their wishes will be managed by the financial institution


Teach your children about financial responsibility

We offer our clients accounts tailored to individuals between the ages of 13 and 17. Through this account, users can request debit cards, credit cards, and the parent or legal guardian is not required to be the primary account holder.


  • Easily transfer funds from any FACEBANK account to you children’s account, the funds will be immediately available to use with a debit card

  • Access to cash anywhere in the world using a Mastercard ATM

  • Credit cards report to US credit bureaus. This allows the user to start building credit without needing a social security number