Bill payments through our Online Banking

Pay your utilities and recurring payments using our online banking’s dedicated feature. FACEBANK’s clients may use this feature to send payment orders to our offices for processing in the form of digital checks.

This feature allows our customers to directly send money to the beneficiary’s account within the USA.

Stop Payment

Our online banking allows you to stop unprocessed ACH payments, personal checks or service payments. It’s quick and easy, just click the stop payment button on the left side of the online banking and follow the steps

Free Card Replacement

If any of your cards have been lost, stolen, or compromised we will issue you a new one and mail it to you free of charge to your location.

Bank References

If you need a bank reference, just notify your BDF and he will gladly send it to you email or mail it to the destination of your choice.

Deposit International Checks

If you have a check from a currency other than US Dollar, mail us the check and we will gladly help you deposit the US Dollar equivalent to your account.

International Shipping

No matter where you are in the world, FACEBANK will send you your checkbook, credit and debit cards free of charge.

* Certain conditions apply.

Cash Advance

At FACEBANK meeting our clients' needs are our top priorities. If you require a cash advance from your MasterCard credit card all you have to do is log in to your online banking and fill the required forms, choose the credit card you wish to have the advance from and choose the account the money will be deposited into. Once you have completed the process you will receive an email confirmation within the next 24 hours.

Wire Transfers

US Dollar

Thanks to our real-time connection to the Federal Reserve system our client’s domestic wire transfers are completed within minutes.

Foreign Currency

Safely and efficiently send money anywhere in the world, we have the ability to process payments in any of the world’s most used currencies.


Any time you send money, an automated email will be sent to you as confirmation with all the transaction details. Our customers will not need to request a transaction confirmation.